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Moosup Fire Department has a long history protecting the Village of Moosup and surrounding area. With one of the first Hurst Rescue Systems Moosup Fire Staton showing ET-294, L-194, and ET-294in the town, a major advance in underwater Search and Rescue, and supporting neighboring departments as a Firefighter Assistance and Search Team (FAST), MFD will continue to provide support into the future. There are several dedicated features of the MFD Team.

Firefighters are the largest members of the MFD Team. Each member has received high quality training from certified instructors, as well as hands on experienced based training from the other members of MFD. Every call and every training experienced is passed up and down the team. Firefighters respond to nearly every call, including structure fires, car fires, power-lines down, grass fires, motor vehicle accidents, and service calls, such as lock-outs, flooded basements, and many other things.

Members of Moosup Fire Department and Moosup-Plainfield Ambulance Corps free a 2-Year-Old's Emergency Medical Technicians and Medical Response Technicians are normally firefighters with advanced training in Basic Life Support. MFD responds as a R-1 unit, or a service that does not transport the patient to the hospital. We are supported by Moosup-Plainfield Ambulance for transport.

Dive Team members are part of a joint town team. Using Rescue-194 and Marine-194, the dive team has been trained to specifically conduct pond and river rescues and recoveries in our local area. Having previously responded to Griswold, Chaplin, and Rhode Island, the Dive Team is a highly dedicated team of members.


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