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Moosup Fire Department Banner

Rescue 494

                                   1994 Marion 18 Walk-In Rescue body
                                   20 kilowatt generator
                                   Light tower

Rescue Tool System
                                           3 Power Units
                                          2-32 Spreaders
                                            2 Cutters
                                         3 Hydraulic Rams

       Res-Q- Jack Stabilization System
       Cold Water Rescue Equipment
Hazardous Material Equipment
       Emergency Medical Equipment
Power Saws
24 Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan
       5 SCOTT Air Pack 4500 PSI
       High & Low Pressure Rescue Air Bags

Moosup Fire Department Rescue 494

Moosup Fire Department
37 South Main Street
Moosup, CT 06354
(860) 564-2932