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How Can I Help?

    You may not want to go into a burning building(or you may want to), but there are plenty of other helpful things that we need. Very little of our time is spent extinguishing fires. We spend a lot of time training and providing other services to the community that most any one can help with. We have a good time, make some good friends and meet those in the community.

However, some background training is required to be an Active Member, or one show can respond to emergencies. Most training classes are paid for by the department. After some basic skills training and administration, members are ready to start with Fire Fighter 1 or Emergency Medical Technician. Both of these are about 3 months long, usually one night a week and the occasional Saturday. We have plenty of members who have the experience, knowledge, and desire to help you with your skills and knowledge on these, with someone available at any time.

80% of our calls are medical responses. Medical calls can range from a neighbor having trouble standing up to a child with their finger stuck in a fan to another neighbor's heart stopping. The faster a trained medical responder is on the scene, the more likely the patient is to recover with little permanent damage. An Emergency Medical Technician or Medical Response Technician arriving on the scene in minutes can be all the difference in the world! There is nothing better than seeing your patient smiling and feeling better. These classes are all provided to you by the department. With a little practice and studying, most people have little problem passing these classes.

Below are some examples of jobs you might be able to help with. They are broken up into 2 categories; during incidents or calls, and other events.

To become a member, print out this application here. After filling it out, drop it off at the station on any Monday Evening or mail it to the address below. Make checks payable to Moosup Fire Department.

During incidents:

  • Firefighters      Interior or Exterior
  • Fire Apparatus Drivers/Operators
  • Fire/Medical Scene Support  - Snacks, food, coffee - Provided by our Ladies Auxiliary
  • Fire Police Services   Drivers - Technicians

Other Events

  • Fire Prevention & Education
  • Fundraisers Community dinners and lunches
  • Fundraising Dinners: Supervise kitchen duties, cook, serve food, set up, clean up, planning, scheduling hall for events.
  • Building and grounds landscaping and general maintenance at facilities are always needed
  • Computer        
    • Software Programs are never used to their fullest.
    • Hardware There are always glitches when trying to use software in training.
    • Prepare PowerPoint and other training materials
    • Web page production
  • Record keeping Maintain records used to track personnel training, certifications, inventory, database information, equipment maintenance, hazardous materials compliance and reporting.
  • Accounting Assist with budget, filing paperwork, documentation of required forms, financial advice,
  • Grant writing - along with tracking grants and researching available grants.

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